Keto and Co Pancake & Waffle Keto Baking Mix


KETO A Grade

Suitable for all people including strict keto and diabetic patients

Each serving contains only 2g net carbohydrates and 5g prebiotic fiber

One pack can make 30 pieces (15 servings) of pancake

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Keto and Co Pancake & Waffle Keto Baking Mix

Don’t know what you can eat for breakfast after ketosis?

You can try this keto pancake mix, it’s easy to make and you can enjoy it within 5-10 minutes.

It tastes better than pancake made with flour! The net carbohydrate per serving is only 2g, which will not influence your ketosis. There is more 5g of fiber to help probiotics multiply in the body.



3隻大蛋 2湯匙堅果奶(或水) 1湯匙生酮油 1/2杯(53g) 預拌粉

  1. 將蛋&堅果奶(或水) & 油加入大碗內攪拌
  2. 再倒入預拌粉均合直致質感順滑後擺放30秒令混合物更結身
  3. 開火熱鑊噴些少油後轉中低火,倒入混合物煎至邊緣挺身
  4. 反轉再煎至底部金黃色

Joyce 評語: 這款班戟預拌粉成份都完全符合生酮飲食原則,唯一是用上杏仁粉會令omega 6攝取量較高,但每次只吃一份(2塊)影響不大。


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